Gifts for Mom

At The Sill, we celebrate Mom and mother figures year-round. So whether you’re shopping for Mother’s Day or just because – master the art of gift giving with our recommendations below. 

Gifts for Mom

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At The Sill, we celebrate Mom and mother figures year-round. So whether you’re shopping for Mother’s Day or just because – master the art of gift giving with our recommendations below. 

Whether you're looking to show appreciation for a mother figure who’s helped you grow, or send a smile to someone who finds this time of year tough, we've got you covered. 

Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide 
Purple Orchid Shop Mother's Day Gifts
1. Purple Orchid (Shop Now
Nothing says I’m thinking of you quite like a blooming plant that will bring her joy for weeks to come. The popular, pet-safe Phalaenopsis orchid is one of the easiest varieties of orchids to grow as a houseplant. It will rebloom year after year. This particular Purple Orchid comes ready for Mom to enjoy in your choice of ceramic planter with matching saucer. Psst.. if purple isn’t her color, opt for our White Phalaenopsis Orchid instead! 
Dried Sustainable Bouquet Gift for Mom for Mother's Day
2. The Linum Burgundy Bouquet (Shop Now
Studies have shown even brief exposure to nature - like touching foliage, appreciating flowers, and enjoying natural materials - can elicit an unconscious calming effect. Gift Mom easy-on-the-eyes tranquillity with a dried, sustainable bouquet she can enjoy for years to come. Shop more dried flowers and dried bouquets for Mother’s Day delivery here
Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Shop Mother's Day Gifts
3. Fiddle Leaf Fig (Shop Now

A houseplant is symbolic of how Mom helped you grow, and can serve as a daily reminder of how much you appreciate her. Opt for a tabletop Fiddle Leaf Fig, or Ficus lyrata, characterized by its broad, vibrant green leaves with prominent veining. Many Mother‘s Days from now, this popular bright light plant will grow into a beautiful indoor tree. Don’t forget to break out the puns for the gift note. 
Fresh Cut Flowers Bouquet Shop Mother's Day Gifts
4. The R&R Bouquet (Shop Now

This DIY floral bouquet kit is inspired by the feeling of pure rest and relaxation – something we could all use. The kit comes with an arrangement of fresh cut stems, plant food, and a glass vase so Mom can create a beautiful display to rest her eyes on (and thank you for). Shop more flowers for Mother’s Day delivery here
Garden Gloves Shop Mother's Day Gifts
5. Garden Gloves (Shop Now
If Mom is anything like us, she can’t wait to get outside and tend to her garden. Give her a hand and make her springtime ritual that much more enjoyable with a fresh pair of garden gloves. These gloves are designed with a seamless nylon liner to allow for flexibility and finished with a rubber palm. 
Hoya Heart Duo Shop Mother's Day Gifts
6. Hoya Heart Duo (Shop Now)
Put your love for her on display with the cutest Hoya Heart Duo this side of the sill. These two low maintenance succulents come nestled in sustainable up-cycled planters with matching saucers. With proper care and patience, your Hoya kerrii cutting could start trailing in a few years, but we think it's adorable either way! 
Reusable Canvas Plant Mom Tote for Plant Lovers Mother's Day Gifts
7. Plant Mom Tote (Shop Now
Whether you're gift shopping for your favorite plant mom, or looking to help your Mom ditch the plastic grocery bags, this reusable canvas tote with Plant Mom illustration is a functional and thoughtful gift. Top off your tote gift by adding a complementary Plant Mom pin
Big Tropical Bouquet Shop Mother's Day Gifts
8. The Sunburst Heliconia Bouquet (Shop Now
You might have cancelled your island vacation plans but you can still send Mother‘s Day magic by mail with this show-stopping tropical bouquet. It is named after the vibrant Heliconia plant and is supported by a cast of other funky botanicals including palms, anthuriums, and ginger flowers. 
Plantable Soy Candle Shop Mother's Day Gifts
9. Plantable Candle (Shop Now
Help Mom unwind with notes of  Palo Santo, Rock Rose and Cedar inspired by Japanese forest bathing. Added bonus: when this hand-poured, soy-based candle is fully burned, she can drop the included seed paper - culinary herb seeds embedded inside - and soil pod inside the terrazzo vessel to grow a mini herb garden. 
Digital Gift Card Shop Mother's Day Gifts
10. Digital Gift Card (Shop Now
Or gift Mom the gift of their choosing with a digital gift card. Available to give instantly, you determine how they receive their gift: delivered directly to their email inbox, a link for you to share with them, or as a print out. All methods include instructions on how to redeem. 
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