Low-Light Tolerant Plants

Whether you’re looking for plants for a first floor apartment or office cubicle, these low light tolerant picks will survive the shade.

Low-Light Tolerant Plants FAQ

What is considered low light for plants?

Do plants grow in the dark?

How do you care for a low-light plant?

How do I know what light to use on my plants?

What are Low-Light Plants?

Low-light plants do not need a lot of sunlight but require natural light coming in through windows and doors to survive. Plants that prefer outdoor shade still need adequate lighting while inside the home. Rooms facing the east or west provide better light than any other direction.

If it isn’t possible to place your plants in a room facing those directions, you must provide an appropriate plant light for them to survive indoors. Excessive light can burn the leaves or dry out the plant, stunting its growth. Too little light can inhibit chlorophyll production and cause wilting.