Evergreen Trees

Fast-growing, low-maintenance trees to transform your garden. Ships 3/19.

Evergreen Trees FAQ

How do I determine which evergreen is right for my garden?

What care do evergreen trees require?

When is the best time to plant evergreen trees?

Enhance Your Landscape

Discover the timeless beauty and enduring appeal of our Evergreen Trees. Specially curated to bring privacy, elegance, and fragrance to your garden, our selection includes the fast-growing Thuja Green Giant, the statuesque Italian Cypress, and the aromatic Fragrant Tea Olive Tree. Perfect for creating natural borders or adding a lush, year-round greenery to your outdoor space, these evergreens are versatile, easy to care for, and suitable for a range of climates.

Thuja Green Giant - Thriving in growing zones 5-8, this fast-growing evergreen is ideal for those seeking privacy or a natural hedge. Starting at $19.95, it’s an affordable way to add impact and structure to your landscape quickly.

Italian Cypress - With its tall and slender silhouette, the Italian Cypress is perfect for elegant garden designs in zones 7-10. Priced from $69.95, it offers a touch of Mediterranean charm to any setting.

Fragrant Tea Olive Tree - For a sensory addition to your garden, the Fragrant Tea Olive Tree flourishes in zones 7-10 and is available for $59.95. Its sweet-smelling flowers make it a delightful choice for patios or entryways.