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Elevate Your Outdoors

Transform your garden into a sanctuary with our Spring 2024 Outdoor Catalog. Our handpicked selection of trees, shrubs, and edibles ensures there’s something for every climate, from the frosty mornings of Zone 4 to the sunny afternoons of Zone 10. Whether you’re looking to add privacy with a fast-growing Thuja Green Giant or cultivate your own fruits with our range of apple and cherry trees, our collection combines beauty with utility.

Each plant in our catalog has been chosen for its exceptional quality and adaptability to various environments. For those seeking low-maintenance options, our edibles like the Thornless Blackberry Bush offer easy-care delights. Meanwhile, our flowering shrubs, including the Endless Summer® Hydrangea and Double Knock Out® Rose, provide a burst of color to brighten any outdoor space.

Consider the specific needs of each plant, such as sunlight exposure and growing zones, to ensure a thriving garden. With our detailed guidance, selecting the perfect addition to your outdoor space has never been easier. Welcome the joy of gardening into your life with The Sill’s Spring 2024 Outdoor Catalog, where quality meets beauty in every bloom and leaf.