Blooming Plants

Easy, indoor flowering plants to brighten up your space — or someone's day

Blooming Plants FAQ

Which type of plants bloom all year?

What does it mean when a plant is blooming?

What indoor plants bloom the longest?

How do you know if your plant is blooming?

Indoor Plants that Bloom

While the majority of indoor plants come in varying shades of green, a few houseplants are classified as blooming plants. These indoor plants produce flowers in different shapes, sizes, and colors. The bright colors of blooming plants make them a great option for gifts.

One of the most common blooming plants is the orchid. These plants produce fragrant blooms that come in a variety of colors like purple, red, white, and pink. Petite or mini orchids are the easiest types to grow and care for. Orchids go through a dormant phase after blooming, so be patient with your plant and wait for it to bloom again.

The bromeliad and the anthurium are two other popular blooming plants. Bromeliads are slow-growing tropical plants that offer bright orange, red, or pink flowers. They usually bloom only once in their life. Anthuriums produce beautiful heart-shaped flowers that are most commonly red but can also be white, pink, or yellow.