Fruit Trees

Edible fruits and berries from your own personal orchard.

Fruit Trees FAQ

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Your Orchard Oasis

Create a bountiful backyard orchard with our Fruit Trees, carefully selected to bring delicious, sun-ripened fruit straight from the branch to your table. From the nutrient-rich Goji Berries to the crisp Honeycrisp™ apples, our assortment includes a variety of trees and bushes that promise not only a delightful harvest but also add beauty and charm to your garden landscape.

Goji Berry - Dubbed the garden superhero for its health benefits, the Goji Berry thrives in zones 5-9 and is available for $99.95. Easy to grow, it’s a perfect start to your edible garden.

Honeycrisp™ Apple Tree - Known for its juicy, sweet flavor, the Honeycrisp™ apple is a picturesque addition to any garden in zones 4-8. Prices start from $149.94 for a taste of autumn in your backyard.

Bing and Black Tartarian Cherry Trees - Cherish the sweetness of summer with Bing and Black Tartarian cherries, perfect for zones 5-8 and priced at $149.94. These trees provide a dual function of aesthetic appeal and delicious, fresh fruit.

Thornless Blackberry Bush - Enjoy the convenience of harvesting juicy blackberries without the hassle of thorns in zones 6-9. Starting from $79.95, this bush is a great addition for easy-picking fruit lovers.

Gala Apple Tree - Cultivate the joy of picking your own apples with the Gala Apple Tree. Suitable for zones 5-8 and starting from $149.94, it offers a rewarding experience with delicious outcomes.