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Treat yourself to an indoor plants subscription box or gift one to a friend. To sign up, first choose your monthly subscription theme and then choose your preferred planter color.

Plans start at just $35 a month.

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For Beginners

New here? Our Plants for Beginners subscription box will show you around. Every month, receive an easy to care for indoor plant and one of our earthenware planters delivered to your door. Ease into the ropes of plant parenthood with this easy indoor plants subscription.

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For Low Light

Keep it low key and low maintenance with our Low Light Plants subscription box. Every month, receive a low light tolerant indoor plant and one of our earthenware planters. Who doesn’t love a little greenery to lighten up their space? After all, home is where the plants are.

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For Pet Parents

Pet parents can be plant parents too, with our Pet-Friendly Plant Subscription Box. Every month, receive a non-toxic indoor plant and one of our earthenware planters. Cat and dog owners rejoice – no need to be mindful of the laundry list of not pet-safe plants.

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Gift a Plant Subscription

Our indoor plants subscription boxes are a monthly surprise you will actually look forward to. Simply choose your monthly subscription theme and then your preferred planter color. Each easy indoor plant comes with one of our chic, earthenware planters to display it in.

Looking to gift a subscription instead? (Lucky them!) Pick which plan best fits their skill level or lifestyle, and then click ‘Send as a Gift’ on the subscription plan’s page. Input the recipient’s info into the pop up – and they’ll receive an email to activate their gift subscription!

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In the Press

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“One of our editors tried and loved ordering plants from The Sill, and found that her plant came safely packaged and came with an easy-to-follow care guide.”

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“Plant care is almost meditative; I find watering, pruning, or cleaning my plants to be a soothing, mind-clearing activity. For new plant parents, I recommend checking out The Sill's selection, as they make it easy to find a plant that best fits your skill level or lifestyle.”

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“The Sill offers monthly plant subscriptions starting at $35. Broken down into smart sets, like pet-friendly plants, or low-light plants, this gift will just keep on giving, literally.”