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Fig Orchard Pack: Your Miniature Orchard Awaits

Embark on a flavorful journey with our Fig Orchard Pack, a meticulously curated collection of four distinct fig varieties that promise to bring a burst of sweetness and a touch of the Mediterranean to your garden. This pack includes the Black Mission Fig, Chicago Cold Hardy, Little Miss Figgy, and Brown Turkey Fig, each offering its unique taste and growth attributes.

Black Mission Fig: The Sweet Classic

Indulge in the deep, rich flavors of the Black Mission Fig, renowned for its strikingly dark purple skin and succulent amber flesh. Perfect for fresh eating, drying, and jams, this variety is as versatile as it is delicious.

Chicago Cold Hardy: The Winter Warrior

Don't let chilly weather dampen your fig dreams! The Chicago Cold Hardy is a robust variety that braves the cold, bringing you sweet, plump figs even in cooler climates. Ideal for northern gardeners craving a taste of the exotic.

Little Miss Figgy: The Petite Powerhouse

Meet Little Miss Figgy, the compact dynamo of the fig world. With her small stature, she's perfect for container gardening or small spaces, without compromising on the size or sweetness of her delectable fruits.

Brown Turkey: The Reliable Bounty

Rounding out the pack is the Brown Turkey Fig, a prolific producer known for its resilience and reliability. Enjoy a generous harvest of large, flavorful figs that are perfect for both fresh consumption and culinary creations.

Why Choose the Fig Orchard Pack?

  • Diverse Flavors: Experience a range of fig flavors and textures, from the intense sweetness of Black Mission to the robust heartiness of Chicago Cold Hardy.
  • Extended Harvest: With different maturing times, enjoy fresh figs throughout the season.
  • Versatile Planting: Perfect for planting in-ground or in containers, making it suitable for gardens of all sizes and even indoor spaces.
  • Easy to Grow: Figs are known for their low maintenance and drought tolerance, making them ideal for both novice and experienced gardeners.

Transform your garden into a personal orchard with our Fig Orchard Pack. Whether you're a seasoned fruit grower or a curious newbie, these fig varieties will enchant your taste buds and beautify your outdoor space. Embrace the joy of homegrown sweetness and savor the fruits of your labor, one delicious fig at a time.

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Fig Orchard Pack

Fig Orchard Pack

Mature Height:
8-20 ft.
Mature Width:
8-15 ft.
Full-Part Sun
Growth Rate:
Harvest Time:
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