Hass Avocado Tree

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Hass Avocado Tree

Hass Avocado Tree



3 Gallon
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Get Ready for Guacamole Goodness with the Hass Avocado Tree!

Imagine stepping outside to pluck creamy, buttery avocados right from your backyard. With the Hass Avocado Tree, that dream becomes a delicious reality. This tree is a powerhouse producer of the nation's most beloved avocado variety, perfect for your homemade dips, salads, or simply sliced on toast.

Why You'll Love Your Hass Avocado Tree

  • Year-Round Enjoyment: With its evergreen foliage, your Hass Avocado Tree offers a lush, tropical aesthetic no matter the season.
  • Homegrown Taste: There's nothing like the flavor of avocados from your own tree, far superior to anything you'll find at the grocery store.
  • Easy Care: Hass Avocado Trees are low-maintenance, asking only for a sunny spot and a bit of love to thrive.

Planting & Care Made Simple

Even if you don't have a green thumb, you'll find the Hass Avocado Tree a joy to grow. We provide you with a detailed care guide that makes planting and maintenance as easy as enjoying your homegrown avocados. Plus, it's self-pollinating, so you don't need another tree to get fruit!

A Touch of Green for Your Space

Not only does the Hass Avocado Tree yield delectable fruit, but it also adds a splash of green to your space. Whether you plant it in your garden, patio, or even indoors, it's sure to be a conversation starter.

Ready to Grow?

Don't wait to elevate your garden game. Order your Hass Avocado Tree today and savor the satisfaction of growing your very own avocados!

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