Flowering Trees

Plant vibrant colors and breathtaking blooms in your garden this Spring. Ships 3/19.

Flowering Trees FAQ

How do I choose the right flowering tree or shrub for my garden?

What care do flowering trees and shrubs need?

When is the best time to plant flowering trees and shrubs?

Flowering Trees and Shrubs

Immerse your garden in a sea of color with our Flowering Trees and Shrubs Collection. This selection is designed to bring vibrant blooms and a flourish of color to your landscape through the seasons. Featuring the Yoshino Flowering Cherry Tree, Double Knock Out® Rose, and Endless Summer® Hydrangea, each plant is chosen for its stunning flowers, ease of care, and ability to thrive in a variety of climates.

Yoshino Flowering Cherry Tree - Celebrate the arrival of spring with the Yoshino Cherry’s blush-white blossoms. Ideal for zones 5-8, this tree is a symbol of beauty and renewal, priced at $129.94.

Double Knock Out® Rose - Known for its resilience and continuous blooms, the Double Knock Out® Rose adds a vibrant punch of color to any garden in zones 5-10. Available for $79.95, it’s a low-maintenance choice for stunning garden displays.

Endless Summer® Hydrangea - With the ability to bloom year after year, the Endless Summer® Hydrangea offers breathtaking blue or pink blooms, depending on soil pH, for gardens in zones 4-9. Starting from $69.95, it ensures a spectacular show throughout the growing season.