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Tuscarora Crapemyrtle

Growing Zone 6-9
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Tuscarora Crapemyrtle


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Bring a Splash of Color to Your Garden with Tuscarora Crapemyrtle!

Looking for a vibrant addition to your garden that's as tough as it is beautiful? Say hello to the Tuscarora Crapemyrtle! This hardy plant is not just a pretty face; it's a resilient grower that brings a burst of hot pink blooms to your outdoor space.

Why Tuscarora Crapemyrtle?

  • Long-Lasting Blooms: From the heat of summer to the chill of fall, this plant keeps the color coming.
  • Drought Tolerant: Once established, it laughs in the face of dry spells, making it perfect for the forgetful waterer.
  • Low Maintenance: Spend less time fretting over your plants and more time enjoying them. The Tuscarora is famously easy-going.

Planting & Care Tips

Plant your Tuscarora Crapemyrtle in a sunny spot and watch it thrive with minimal fuss. It prefers well-draining soil and can reach up to 15-25 feet tall, so give it room to show off its spectacular display of flowers and peeling bark.

Perfect For...

Whether you're crafting a cozy backyard retreat or looking to add some curb appeal, the Tuscarora's striking presence and easy-care nature make it an ideal choice for gardeners of all stripes.

Don't wait to add this gem to your garden collection. The Tuscarora Crapemyrtle is ready to turn heads and elevate your outdoor space with its lively charm and fuss-free attitude. Get yours today!

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Tuscarora Crapemyrtle

Tuscarora Crapemyrtle

Botanical name: Lagerstroemia indica 'Tuscarora'
Mature Height:
15-20 ft.
Mature Width:
10-20 ft.
Full Sun
Growth Rate:
Does Not Ship To:
Growing Zones:
6-9 outdoors
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