Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree

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Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree

Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree

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4-5 ft.
5-6 ft.
6-7 ft.
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Meet Your New Leafy Companion: The Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree!

Looking for a splash of green to jazz up your space? Say hello to the Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree, a plant that's not just a pretty face but a master of indoor charm. With its iconic, violin-shaped leaves, this beauty is sure to strike a chord with plant lovers and interior design enthusiasts alike.

Why You'll Love Your Fiddle-Leaf Fig:

  • It's a Style Icon: Those glossy, fiddle-shaped leaves have graced the pages of design magazines and Instagram feeds for a reason. They're practically a green sculpture for your living room!
  • Grow Your Own Oasis: With the ability to grow up to six feet indoors, this tree can transform any corner into a mini-jungle. Just imagine the lush vibes!
  • Light Lover: This leafy friend thrives in bright, filtered light, making it perfect for that sunny spot you didn't know what to do with.

Easy Peasy Care Tips:

Don't fret if you're not a plant guru. The Fiddle-Leaf Fig is forgiving and just needs a little TLC. Keep it in well-draining soil, give it a drink when the top inch of soil is dry, and dust off those gorgeous leaves occasionally to keep them shining like the stars they are.

Ready to Fiddle with the Fig?

Bring home this leafy legend today and watch your space transform with every new leaf. It's not just a plant; it's a statement. A statement that says, "I've got this adulting thing down and my home looks fabulous." So go ahead, treat yourself to a Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree and let the good vibes grow!

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Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree

Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree

Botanical name: Ficus lyrata
Mature Height:
6-10 ft.
Mature Width:
7 in.
Direct to Indirect Light
Growth Rate:
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