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Arizona Cypress - Carolina Sapphire

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Arizona Cypress - Carolina Sapphire


1-2 ft.
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Meet the Unthirsty Beauty: Arizona Carolina Sapphire

Looking for a landscape champion that thrives with minimal fuss? Say hello to the Arizona Carolina Sapphire. This evergreen gem is not just drought tolerant; it's a true survivor in the face of dry spells.

Why You'll Love It:

  • Low Water Needs: Forget about constant watering. This plant is perfect for the forgetful gardener or those in arid climates.
  • Lush Looks: Its silvery-blue foliage brings a cool, serene vibe to any space, making it a standout in the garden.
  • Easy Peasy: No green thumb? No problem. The Arizona Carolina Sapphire is low maintenance, so you can enjoy its beauty without the work.

Perfect For:

Whether you're crafting a water-wise garden or looking for a striking specimen plant, this Sapphire's versatility shines. It's ideal for creating privacy screens or adding a touch of evergreen elegance to your outdoor oasis.

How to Enjoy:

Just plant your Arizona Carolina Sapphire in a sunny spot and watch it grow. With its adaptability and graceful presence, it's sure to become the crown jewel of your garden collection.

Ready to add a splash of resilience and style to your landscape? Grab your Arizona Carolina Sapphire today and transform your garden into a low-maintenance paradise!

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Arizona Cypress - Carolina Sapphire

Arizona Cypress - Carolina Sapphire

Botanical name: Cupressus spp.
Mature Height:
40 ft.
Mature Width:
12 ft.
Full-Part Sun
Growth Rate:
Does Not Ship To:
Growing Zones:
6-9 outdoors
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