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No Green Thumb Required

If you’re looking for a zero maintenance alternative to real plants, consider their real-looking faux counterparts. All of the beauty, none of the fuss – we’ve selected our top selling plants and are offering them in a faux collection. Because we believe that plants, real or faux, make people happy.

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  • “We believe plants make people happy so we want to make sure everyone can celebrate the happiness that plants bring, regardless of their restrictions: be it low light, busy schedules, small children, or curious pets. So we chose our favorite houseplants and created a line of artificial plants to give everyone the ability to bring greenery and joy into their space, minus the headache—truly a plant for every sill.”

    Eliza Blank, Founder and CEO
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Made With Care

We know how important materials that go into our product are to our customers. That’s why we’ve done our best to find high quality, durable materials for our faux line to create a long-term addition to your home. Our real-looking artificial plants are made of a combination of fabric, plastic, wire, and foam, while larger plants have an additional base composed of concrete and wood. All faux plants are paired with our modern yet timeless earthenware planters for a finished look.