How To Know What Plant You’d Like Based on the Coffee You Drink

Maybe you like a simple, straightforward cold brew, or a more complex drink like a French press. Here’s what your coffee preference says about your personality and the kind of plants you should have at home.

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A person’s plant preference can say a lot about them, whether it’s low maintenance picks only for the busiest plant parents, or something a little more complicated. The same can be said of coffee choices of course: your standard coffee maker coffee is a very different situation from espresso.

Our friends at Trade Coffee helped us to break down what each coffee type says about your personality, and we've jumped in with the plant type for you.

1. Cold Brew + Snake Plants

Cold brew is a no-nonsense coffee type that likes a cool, dark environment. Once you make it, you can set it and forget it. Just like cold brew, Snake Plants can still thrive in a dark environment and don't need close attention or maintenance. If you’re an independent, no fuss kind of person, cold brew and Snake Plants are for you.

2. French Press + Haworthia Zebra

French press coffee is fuller-bodied option and is perfect for a cold day because of its hearty, rustic taste. In the same way, Haworthia Zebras are sturdy plants that are resilient even during winter dormancy. If you like your coffee with a little more personality, the Haworthia Zebra is for you.

3. Chemex + Maranta

Chemex coffee (AKA the kind made from the fun, almost laboratory-esque glass coffee maker) is more subtle and nuanced, and the entire vibe of using one creates a more elegant coffee-making experience. If you’re a Chemex person, you’re compatible with a Maranta, a sophisticated, standout plant that loves humidity and a little extra attention.

4. Pour Over + Calathea Medallion

The pour over requires a steady hand, a careful pour and someone who’s willing to do exactly what's required for that perfect cup of coffee. The Calathea Medallion is a beautiful, leafy plant that really thrives with the perfect balance of medium to bright indirect sunlight. If you’re willing to be patient for that perfect result, the Calathea Medallion is right up your alley.

5. Espresso + Money Tree

If you like your coffee strong, you're probably an espresso person. And if you’re making espresso at home or in the office, you’ll need expensive, professional equipment to make it happen, but it’s worth the investment. If you’re willing to invest in espresso equipment, the Money Tree is the plant investment for you. Legend has it that if you have one in your home it fosters prosperity and good luck, and who doesn’t want to have that around?

6. AeroPress + Air Plants

An AeroPress includes a funnel, stirrer, scoop and paper filters that work together to create an easy cup of joe. It’s super convenient for everyday use, is portable, and is great if you have space, cost or effort constraints. Just like an AeroPress, an Air Plant is the easiest starter plant if you’re new to plants or want something new without breaking the bank. They need a 15-minute soak every few weeks to stay healthy and are a perfect, low-key addition to your home.

7. Turkish Coffee + Fiddle Leaf Fig

Turkish coffee, an old-world brewing method, is for those willing to be patient to get exactly what they want. Turkish coffee lovers, the Fiddle Leaf Fig is for you. This plant has been known to be a bit tricky to care for, but when done properly, the result is worth every moment.

8. Cowboy Coffee + Pothos

Cowboy Coffee, a type of coffee brewed over an open fire and poured straight from the pot, is a quick, but effective way to feel a little perkier in the morning. If you’re a Cowboy Coffee person, you’ll be a Pothos person, too. Pothos plants are easy to care for and with a little love, they’ll grow quickly.

9. Coffee Maker + ZZ Plant

Last but certainly not least, we have the most common coffee around: one that comes straight from your coffee maker at home. It’s almost foolproof, just like the beloved ZZ Plant. One of the most resilient plants around, the ZZ Plant requires very little and will be your go-to plant pal.

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