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Top Ten Plant Care Tips
Drink Up
Lighten Up
How-To: Pick a Planter for Your Plant
Hot in Here: Humidity
Seasonal Care: Spring
Seasonal Care: Winter
Seasonal Care: Fall
Inside, Out: How-To Bring Indoor Plants Outdoors
Room Mates: Plants for the Bathroom
Room Mates: Plants for the Bedroom
Room Mates: Plants for the Office
Allelopathy & Planting Plants Together
Our Picks: Low Light Plants
Bug Off: Fungus Gnats
Bug Off: Mealybugs
Bug Off: Spider Mites
Bug Off: Scale
Mushrooms and Fungi
Why You Need Plants in Your Life
Plant Care: Repotting
Plant Care: Plant Toxicity
Plant Care: Potting Mix 101
Just Say No: Leaf Shine
Not So Mellow Yellow (Leaves)
Calcium Buildup 101
New Digs: Moving Plants Small & Tall Short & Long Distances
Growth Spurts
Health Is Wealth, Get That (Plant) Green
Size Matters
Best Time to Water Your Plants
It’s A Small, Plant World: Terrariums
Fine Vines: Trellising & Pruning Basics
Plant Propagation for Beginners
Plants 101: Epiphytes and Air Plants
Plants 101: Succulents
The Hole Truth: Monsteras
Fiddle Me This: Caring for a Fiddle Leaf Fig
A is for Aroids
Pilea peperomioides
C is for Calathea
Word On The Bird of Paradise
Our Top Low-Maintance Houseplants for Under $20
Pick A Peperomia
Introduction to Bulbs
What’s My Name: Plant Nomenclature
Between Two Ferns
Arrowhead Plant
Peperomia Obtusifolia (Baby Rubber Plant)
Peperomia Plants
Rex Begonia
Bird's Nest Fern
Jade Plant
Philodendron ‘Silver’
Ripple Peperomia
ZZ Plant
Majesty Palm (Ravenea Rivularis)
Moon Valley Pilea (Pilea Mollis)
Pencil Plant (Euphorbia)
From our Founder
Plantfluencer Maria Failla