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Top Ten Plant Care Tips
Drink Up
Lighten Up
How-To: Pick a Planter for Your Plant
Hot in Here: Humidity
Seasonal Care: Spring
Seasonal Care: Winter
Seasonal Care: Fall
Inside, Out: How-To Bring Indoor Plants Outdoors
Room Mates: Plants for the Bathroom
Room Mates: Plants for the Bedroom
Room Mates: Plants for the Office
Allelopathy & Planting Plants Together
Our Picks: Low Light Plants
Bug Off: Fungus Gnats
Bug Off: Mealybugs
Bug Off: Spider Mites
Bug Off: Scale
Mushrooms and Fungi
Why You Need Plants in Your Life
Plant Care: Repotting
Plant Care: Plant Toxicity
Plant Care: Potting Mix 101
Just Say No: Leaf Shine
Not So Mellow Yellow (Leaves)
Calcium Buildup 101
New Digs: Moving Plants Small & Tall Short & Long Distances
Growth Spurts
Health Is Wealth, Get That (Plant) Green
Size Matters
Best Time to Water Your Plants
It’s A Small, Plant World: Terrariums
Fine Vines: Trellising & Pruning Basics
Plant Propagation for Beginners
Plants 101: Epiphytes and Air Plants
Plants 101: Succulents
The Hole Truth: Monsteras
Fiddle Me This: Caring for a Fiddle Leaf Fig
A is for Aroids
Pilea peperomioides
C is for Calathea
Word On The Bird of Paradise
Our Top Low-Maintance Houseplants for Under $20
Pick A Peperomia
Introduction to Bulbs
What’s My Name: Plant Nomenclature
Between Two Ferns