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The Best Plant to Send to Your Best Friend

From flawlessly introducing a trendy plant to tackling windowless room woes, our plant specialist Chrissy will set you up with the perfect plant pick.

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“I love a plant with a story. Anything that has special meaning behind it to gift to a friend?” Kat, Portland

If you’re looking for a gifting option with some super cute history, we would definitely suggest going with the Marimo Moss Ball kit.

Aside from the fact that these can survive in essentially any level light, they also have a sweet backstory. The myth behind these aquatic cuties has a Romeo and Juliet flair. Two people who had fallen in love weren’t allowed to be together. So, they ran away, turned into Marimo Moss Balls, and lived happily ever after (obviously!)

Since these are believed to bring luck in regards to love, life, and prosperity, they will be the ideal pick-me-up to send to a friend that you’re missing.

Found at the bottom of lakes in different areas around the world, this unique addition can be kept on any shelf to spruce it up and remind your pal that you’re thinking of them.

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