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The Best Trailing Plant for Your Bookcase

From flawlessly introducing a trendy plant to tackling windowless room woes, our plant specialist Chrissy will set you up with the perfect plant pick.

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"I want to liven up my bookcase! What plant would look good on a shelf next to my books?" —Nadine, Tucson

While stacks of perfectly bound books and neatly aligned collections are already a good look, there are ways to transform your shelving setup into one that reads as sophisticated and chic. Your best bet? Pairing a trailing plant with your literary faves, of course.

There are plenty to choose from when it comes to what greenery to incorporate into your vignette, but a low-fuss Pothos is one to try ASAP.

Rather than introducing something that will grow vertically, this trailing must-have will head downward and fill your shelves with the perfect pop of au naturale color. Beyond its bold shade of green and signature heart shaped leaves, this option is perfect for any level plant and decor enthusiast.

With only a desire for low-medium indirect light and a watering once every one to two weeks, this easygoing choice is the ideal laid-back addition for a stylish update.

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