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The Best Gifts for Pet Parents According to the Experts at Chewy

With the holiday season around the corner, we reached out to the pet experts at Chewy to help us create the ultimate gift guide of pet-friendly plants and fur baby accessories.

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As a team full of pet parents, we know first-hand how important it is for you to keep your fur baby safe. Some of the most common houseplants can be considered toxic to cats and dogs. In layman’s terms, that means if your pet ingests part or all of said plant, it could get an upset stomach or worse.

But before you start throwing out your houseplants, consider if your pet is truly interested in them. Some pets are not interested at all, while others are. Sometimes your pet’s interest stems from being bored or under-stimulated, and all they need is a toy to sway their attention. But if your pet is interested and tends to display that interest with its mouth, you’ll want to make sure the plants that fill your home are considered non-toxic (aka pet-friendly plants).

Maybe you’re not a pet parent, but find you have some on your holiday gift list this year. With the gift-giving season fast approaching, we enlisted the help of Chewy Health’s Senior Veterinarian, Dr. Katy Nelson. We asked Dr. Katy to share her favorite pet-friendly plants and thoughtful fur baby accessories to give this holiday season.

Dr. Katy resides in Northern Virginia with her husband, two human kiddos, and two fur kiddos, rescue dogs. She’s also a plant parent. “I have an African violet that is almost 20 years old, and a corn plant that is 24 years old,” Dr. Katy shares, “I bought it my first year of vet school in 1997!”

In addition to her beloved African violet and corn plant, Dr. Katy’s house is home to an eight-foot-tall Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, spider plants, jade plants, numerous succulents and lilies, a lemon tree, an avocado tree sprouting from a seed, and nine orchids. An impressive collection—not all pet-friendly, but her fur kiddos are uninterested.

Curious or not, Dr. Katy stresses the importance of being proactive, especially during the holiday season when plants are popular gifts. “Call your veterinarian or animal poison control immediately if your pet ingests a potentially toxic houseplant,” she says. And if you’re gifting to a pet parent, skip the stress and go with one of Dr. Katy’s pet-safe picks below.

1. Large Majesty Palm
“This big beauty transforms your home into a tropical spa, and is easy to care for and non-toxic to pets. Daily sunlight and weekly watering will keep him healthy and growing for years to come.”

2. Personalized Bandana
“For the most stylish pup on the block, this flowery bandana adds a touch of Spring to the air, even in the height of Fall.”

3. White Orchid
“I love my orchids! I have them in my kitchen, my bathroom, and my dining room. Many people think orchids are difficult, but I find the opposite. I water mine once weekly in the sink and keep them in indirect light and they live for years and bloom once every 6-9 months.”

4. ID Tag: Wildflower Tag, Daisy Tag, Diamond Tag
“I couldn’t choose just one—I think they’re all adorable. The important thing is to always make sure your pup and kitty are wearing one in case they somehow get separated from you, they can find their way home safe to your arms!”

5. Pet Collar and Matching Leash
“I love this collar and leash set! I wish they had matching human attire to this pattern! So cute and fun.”

6. Bird’s Nest Fern
“This little fern is not only adorable, it’s non-toxic to pets and easy to care for. It’ll give your room a pop of color year round.”

7. Personalized Flower Bowl
“This personalized bowl just radiates happiness, and it’s the perfect size for a dog or a kitty. I prefer ceramic bowls for pets, especially kitties, as they’re easy to clean and not as likely to lead to allergies like plastic bowls.”

8. Holiday Cactus
“I have one in my kitchen that my Mom gave me for my birthday many years ago. A weekly watering keeps her healthy and happy, and I look forward to the yearly blooms around Thanksgiving each year.”

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