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Give new employees a warm welcome, express appreciation to valued clients, or simply recognize your team’s hard work—with the gift that keeps on growing.

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Whether you’re looking to welcome employees back to the office, show appreciation to your remote co-workers, or say thank you to valued clients and vendors—a plant is a great, universally loved choice. Plants boost our spirits, reduce our stress, and enhance our environments, making for the perfect corporate gift no matter the occasion. Below, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about corporate and group gifting!

What is corporate gifting?

Corporate gifting is sending someone a gift from or within your business. It could be gifting to a team member, employee, current or prospective client, vendor, or anyone else you have a business relationship with.

It is especially popular for businesses to take part in corporate gifting during the holiday season to express their gratitude for the people who help make their business thrive, but corporate gifting can happen at any time of the year.

Does The Sill offer corporate gifting services?

Yes! If you are looking to order 25 or more corporate gifts, your order can be processed by our corporate gifting team. This saves you time by simplifying the shopping and ordering process.

Simply shop our corporate gifting catalog, download our addresses form, and submit your order—all on our Corporate Gifting page. Once your order request is received, our corporate gifting team will reach out to make sure we provide your gift recipients the best experience possible.

How is corporate gifting different from a bulk order?

Most bulk gift orders come from businesses but if you're looking to a place a non-business related order that contains 25 or more gifts, we are more than happy to help you! Follow the same process as above and we'll reach out as soon as we receive your order form.

With so many choices for corporate gifting, why gift plants?

1. Plants last. They’re a meaningful gift that continues to grow and provide beauty for many years to come. Unlike other gifts that eventually expire, live plants only get better with time.

2. Plants are inclusive—no need to worry about food allergies or merch sizes. And your gift recipient does not have to be a seasoned plant aficionado to enjoy a plant. We recommend easy-care varieties that work for anyone’s home environment, from low-light tolerant to pet-friendly.

3. Plants boost our spirits and enhance our environments. When we get in touch with nature, we reduce mental fatigue and stress, and increase relaxation and self-esteem. Studies show even brief exposure to nature can make us more altruistic and cooperative, and that touching plant foliage can elicit an unconscious calming effect.

I have an upcoming occasion, when would I need to place a bulk order by?

We recommend reaching out about a month in advance—but it's never too early to! If you're thinking about holiday gifts for your remote co-workers or favorite clients, reach out now so you don't have to stress during the busy holiday season. Bulk gift orders ship within 2–3 weeks after payment is received.

Where can you ship and how much does it cost?

We can deliver plants to multiple addresses within the 48 contiguous states. You only have to "checkout" once! We offer $10 flat rate shipping per individual mailing address for all standard orders.

We know shipping fees can be frustrating but shipping live goods is our greatest cost when it comes to getting a plant into your gift recipient's happy hands. So rather than increasing our product prices to absorb the cost of shipping, we have modest shipping fees. By charging for shipping, we can continue to offer our products at the best possible price and better deliver the quality and experience you and your gift recipients deserve.

Can I include my own card with the gifts?

Absolutely! For orders containing 50 or more gifts, you can include your own card for a $2 insert fee per card. We can also create and print customer inserts for your bulk order, complete with your gift message and brand logo, for orders containing 100 or more gifts ($3 per card).

Can I purchase gift cards in bulk for gifting?

The gift of choice is always appreciated! If you need to order 25 or more gift cards, it can be processed for you by our corporate gifting team.

I’m looking to gift an experience—do you offer private workshops for groups?

Great idea! We offer virtual plant workshops for corporate clients and private groups. We ask for a minimum of 30 attendees and 3-4 weeks notice to set-up the online event. Please contact us at for more details on private workshops.

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