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How to Gift a Plant Like a Pro

Give your friends and family the rewarding gift of plant parenthood with our top tips and tricks for gifting houseplants.

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You might be asking yourself: Why do plants make such great gifts?

1. Plants last. They’re a meaningful gift that continues to grow and provide beauty for many years to come. Unlike other gifts that eventually expire or are no longer in trend, live plants only get better with time.

2. Plants are inclusive—no need to worry about clothing sizes or food preferences. And your giftee does not have to be a seasoned plant aficionado to enjoy a plant. There are plenty of easy-care varieties that work for anyone’s home environment, from low-light tolerant to pet-friendly plants.

3. Plants boost our spirits and enhance our environments. When we get in touch with nature, we reduce mental fatigue and stress, and increase relaxation and self-esteem. Studies show even brief exposure to nature can elicit an unconscious calming effect.

A thoughtfully chosen plant is the perfect gift for just about anyone. To set your gift recipient, and future plant parent, up for success—follow our tips below...

Send Your Gift Early

The key to stress-free gift shopping is starting early. If a holiday or birthday is on the horizon and you don’t have concrete plans to see your giftee in-person just yet—why not send them their gift a little early? A good thing can never come too soon! Pick their plant, add a chic ceramic planter, and write a cute little gift note during checkout. We’ll make sure their gift is delivered directly to their door.

Order Your Gifts Ahead of Time

If you prefer to give your plant gifts IRL, you can still order early to avoid any potential shipping delays and unnecessary stress. When your plant gifts arrive to your location, unpack them right away. Give them a little finessing (the shipping process is not always kind), a drink of water, and place them near a window so they receive natural light. When it’s time to gift them to your lucky giftees, you can reuse the shipping boxes they came in—or get creative with wrapping paper, bows, and more. The world of gifting wrapping is your oyster.

Add Your Own Flair

Ordering and receiving your plant gifts early gives you time to personalize the unwrapping experience for your gift recipients. Have fun with it! Add a ceramic plant message pop, print out plant care instructions, or even pot the plant from its grow pot directly into its decorative ceramic planter.

While for some the mantra ‘plant care is self care’ means the convenience of leaving their plant in its grow pot—for others, it can be therapeutic to get their hands dirty and reconnect with nature. If your giftee is the latter, pair their plant gift with a bag of organic potting soil, lava rocks, and printed potting instructions.

Go Faux, Dried, or Preserved

We get it: some giftees simply have restrictions—be it low to no light, busy travel schedules, small children, or mischievous pets. Faux and preserved plants, and dried botanicals like bouquets and stems, give everyone the ability to still bring greenery and joy into their space. Plants, in all forms, make people happy.