Potting Supplies Duo



Our Potting Supplies Duo is all you need to pot your plants at home. Our all-natural mix gives your plant roots the preferred air, moisture and nutrition balance they need; while our lava rocks create a place for excess water to pool, away from your plant's roots. Organic Potting Mix bag is enough to pot 2–3 small plants (5" diam planters) or 1-2 medium plants (7" diam planters).

  • Potting supplies to help houseplants thrive
  • Includes one 4.5 quarts (unsettled) bag of Organic Potting Mix and bag of Lava Rocks
  • Mix ingredients: compost, pine bark, coir, worm castings, perlite
  • Lava rocks ingredients: just lava rocks

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Take the guesswork out of plant shopping and enjoy the element of surprise with our plant subscription boxes! Choose between our Classic or Pet-Friendly subscription—and receive a new plant and ceramic planter to display it in delivered to your door every month. All you have to do is water and enjoy.

Includes easy-care plant & chic ceramic planter
Plant variety changes month-to-month
Pause or cancel anytime after the first three deliveries

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