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The Biggest Plant Trends of 2021 So Far

The year 2020 taught us the importance of cultivating the spaces we inhabit: our homes, our offices, our home offices! One essential in enhancing these everyday spaces has been houseplants. Keep those mood boosting, stress reducing vibes going with our favorite plant trends of 2021.

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In 2020, we added so many plant babies to our homes. They beautified our living spaces and gave us something to care for. As we continue through 2021, we’re keeping those mood boosting, stress reducing vibes going. From old school trends making a comeback to brand new plant vibes, we’ve rounded up our favorites trends of the year so far.

Pet-Friendly Plant Picks

In 2020, we saw a surge in people adopting pets—so in 2021, it’s time to make sure your new plant babies are pet-friendly, too. Check out our dedicated Pet-Friendly Collection. Our pet-safe Petite Orange Orchid will add a pop of cheer to any space.

Long and Strong Trailing Plants

This year we’re looking to make more use of vertical space: hello, trailing plants! Plants like the Philodendron Green and the Pothos are perfect to add to a trendy, leather plant hanger.

Patterned Plants All the Way

While we love our solid-colored green plants, we do love a pattern! Check out our new Ficus Tineke, or variegated rubber tree, known for its beautiful pink, green, and yellow leaves.

Mini Plants Will Make a Comeback

Teeny tiny plants are back and better than ever. From miniature succulents to air plants, smaller plants are making a comeback. As we spend time at home, we’re adding plant love to even the tiny spaces, including bookshelves, windowsills, and nightstands.

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