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Faux-Ever: How To Set Up Your Faux Plant

Now that your faux plant has arrived, here’s how to style it and make it a timeless piece in your home.

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To all the plant parents who can’t stand to go plant-less in a dark room, a hard-to-reach corner, or because of small children or pets, we have you covered. We’ve taken some of our favorite plants and turned them faux. Because we believe that plants, in all forms, make people happy.

How to set up your faux plant:

Step 1 – Unpack your faux plant and, if applicable, planter. If your faux plant is large, the plant and planter will ship separately.

Step 2 – Your faux plant was packed for transit. To bring it to “life,” gently finesse and bend your plant’s leaves and stems into place.

If you purchased a large faux plant and planter...

Step 3 – Place your faux plant in the middle of its planter and fill the space between the plant and planter with the biodegradable packing peanuts or kraft paper provided.

Step 4 – Top off the peanuts or paper with the preserved Spanish moss for a finished look.

About The Sill’s faux plants:

Our packing peanuts are made from organic starch and are 100% biodegradable. They are FDA compliant and decompose in water leaving no toxic waste. Using biodegradable packing peanuts and preserved moss to fill in your faux plant’s planter helps give the illusion of potting soil below the surface yet keeps your faux plant lightweight to move around your space!

Your faux plant was made with the best materials available to create a long-term addition to your home. If at any time you’re ready to relinquish your faux plant and do not have another home for it, please contact us and we can help you find a local retirement or nursing home, school, thrift store, charity, or other community organization to accept it as a donation.

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