Plant Illustrations For When You’re in the Mood to Color

Many of us are spending more time at home than we are used to and revisiting old hobbies. Our illustrator friends are sharing some coloring pages to help you get creative.

Plant Illustrations For When You’re in the Mood to Color

Words by The Sill

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Many of us are spending more time at home than we are used to and revisiting old hobbies. Our illustrator friends are sharing some coloring pages to help you get creative.

During our everyday lives, things can feel nonstop, especially when youre on the go. When things slow down, it gives us a moment to re-evaluate what we really want to do with our time. 

We have worked closely with our illustrator friends to bring you templates to use when you feel like getting creative. Pick your favorite planty illustration below, print it or save it on your tablet or computer, and get coloring:

1. Fill-In Orchids  

caro orchid

Our Sill Squad ambassador and Peruvian illustrator Caro Arévalo, who is based in Brooklyn, NY, whipped up some spring inspiration with her orchid coloring page. She paints and draws “about how everything that’s alive in this world and galaxy are connected.” Download her illustration here

2. Plant Throne Girl

love and paper ny illustration

Aisha Richardson, the brains behind Love & Paper NY, typically designs paper goods and plant-inspired trinkets, like her pins. She shared a plant throne illustration that gives us major Game of Thrones vibes. Download it here

3. Magical Plant Shapes

kath nash coloring page

Illustrator and Brooklyn-based designer Kath Nash is known for her plant-focused illustrations that use Instagram-friendly, aesthetically pleasing colors. She was always inspired by nature as a child (and Florida native) and now finds joy incorporating it into her designs and illustrations. Download her magical plant shapes coloring sheet here

4. Indoor Jungle

sara b plant

Sara Boccaccini Meadows, originally from the rolling hills of the Peak District in England, now works in Brooklyn as a print designer and illustrator. She takes inspiration from nature and the tiny details into her everyday surrounds to create unique and quirky plant illustrations, just like the indoor jungle page above. Download it here.  

5. Geranium Fill-In 

Geranium coloring page by artist Adriana Picker

Adriana Picker, a New York-based, Australian born illustrator, embraces her lifelong passion for nature in her botanical and plant drawings. She recently published her fourth book, Petal, that focuses on the colors and details of over 200 different types of flowers. Download her Geranium coloring page here.

6. Pet and Plant Parent

Illustration of a woman, her cat and her plants by Holly Jolley

Holly Jolley is a Chilean-British freelance illustrator and designer based in Santiago. She spends her days painting, reading, and drinking tea surrounded by her collection of books, glittery shoes and flea market treasures. Her work includes fashion and editorial illustration, quirky portraits, books, bad poetry, and silly animals wearing boots. Download her coloring page here.

8. Plantscapes and Textured Leaves

Plant illustration

Textured leaves illustration

Laura Garcia Serventi is an Argentinian painter and illustrator based in Brooklyn. Her paintings, deeply inspired by her love of the botanical world, are related to the memories of her childhood spent in Buenos Aires. Laura’s work is always evolving and ranges from large, scaled original paintings to affordable art prints, stationary products, editorial work and collaborations with fashion brands such as Anthropologie, among others. Download her coloring pages here and here.

9. Free Form Vase

Plant vase illustrationLillian Farag is a free-form and free-spirited artist who is always exploring new mediums and channeling fresh and innovative perspectives. Her love for all things playful and expressive grows from her connection with nature and the shapes, colors, and textures found in everyday life. You can also find her recent
pattern collaborations at Anthropologie, Target, Barnes & Noble, and Papyrus. Download her coloring page here

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