Snow White Waffle Plant

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The Snow White Waffle Plant is known for its green, white and purple leaves with a metallic tint. A variety of Hemigraphis alternata, its common name stems from the unique texture of its foliage, reminiscent of the popular breakfast food. Compact, it's ideal for bringing life and color to small spaces.

  • Arrives in a nursery grow pot nestled in the planter
  • Small planter is 5" in diameter
  • Grant and Hyde are ceramic; Hyde comes with drainage saucer

Plant Care

Sun icon

Medium bright indirect light

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Water every week

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Plant Bio

Hemipgraphis alternata "snow white" is a cultivated variety of the purple waffle plant bearing the same purple undersides on each leaf, but has white/pink hues on the edges in comparison. Its cascading foliage as it matures can make it a perfect hanging plant, but can also be planted in a terrarium due to its warm tropical origins or used a a ground cover. It is also known for its air cleansing qualities making it a great indoor option to reduce the amount of toxins in the air!

Origin of Snow White Waffle Plant

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