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Mexia Planter

Mexia Planter



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Ynes Mexia ((May 24, 1870 – July 12, 1938) was a Mexican-American explorer and the most accomplished female botanical collector of her time. Mexia spent her 40s exploring northern California’s ecology with the Sierra Club and she soon found her passion for writing and botanical exploration. In her 50s, the fierce environmentalist began traveling, often solo, across Latin America (all but unheard of for women back then!), and eventually accumulated more than 150,000 specimens and discovered a new genus of Asteraceae (the family that includes sunflowers and daisys), which is called Mexianthus in her honor.

The Mexia's classic shape compliments any houseplant, and its lightweight fiberglass material means you won’t break your back moving it around your space. Now available in new exclusive colorways, as well as a drainage hole with a removable rubber stopper.

  • Large Pot measures 11.8" H x 13.8" W, with an interior width of 12.2"
  • Extra Large Pot measure 15.7" H x 17.7" W with an interior width of 16.2"
  • Large Fits a 10" wide grow pot or smaller
  • Extra Large Fits a 14" wide grow pot or smaller
  • Features a drainage hole with removable stopper
  • Made of lightweight fiberglass
  • Plant featured is for reference only

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