English Laurel Topiary (Single Ball)

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English Laurel Topiary (Single Ball)


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English Laurel Topiary: A Singular Sphere of Elegance

Introducing the English Laurel Topiary, expertly shaped into a single, striking ball. This topiary combines the lush, dense foliage of the English Laurel with the precise artistry of topiary design to create a focal point that is both classic and captivating.

Why You'll Love It

  • Bold, Lush Foliage: The English Laurel's glossy, deep green leaves provide a vibrant backdrop, making this topiary a standout feature in any garden or landscape.
  • Stately Appearance: The neatly trimmed spherical shape offers a touch of formal elegance, perfect for enhancing entryways, patios, or garden paths.
  • Evergreen Beauty: Maintaining its lush appearance year-round, this topiary is a perennial pleasure in the garden, offering consistent color and texture.
  • Adaptable and Resilient: English Laurel thrives in a variety of conditions, from full sun to partial shade, and is tolerant of different soil types, making it a versatile choice for many locations.

Where to Plant

Due to its adaptable nature, the English Laurel Topiary can be placed almost anywhere that receives adequate light, from full sun to partial shade. It is particularly effective in formal garden settings, traditional landscapes, or as a classy accent in modern minimalist designs.

This topiary is also well-suited for container planting, allowing it to be featured on decks, balconies, or other areas where ground space is limited. It's an excellent choice for adding height and structure to your outdoor living areas without overwhelming the space.

Bring home the English Laurel Topiary and let its elegant form and evergreen charm elevate your garden's aesthetic all year round.

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English Laurel Topiary (Single Ball)

English Laurel Topiary (Single Ball)

Botanical name: Prunus laurocerasus 'Single Ball'
Mature Height:
4-6 ft.
Mature Width:
3-4 ft.
Full-Part Sun
Growth Rate:
Does Not Ship To:
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