Calathea Makoyana

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 The Calathea Makoyana, commonly known as the peacock plant, has long wavy green leaves with a pattern of deep green brushstrokes on top and a deep purple underside. It can grow up to two feet tall if cared for correctly. 

  • Arrives in a nursery grow pot nestled inside our 7" ceramic planter


Plant Care

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Bright indirect to low light

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Water every 1–2 weeks

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Plant Bio

Calathea makoyana, also known as the peacock plant, belongs to the genus Goeppertia of the prayer plant family Marantaceae. Calatheas are often called 'prayer plants' because of their unique leaf movements: they raise and lower their leaves from day to night as a part of their circadian rhythm. This phenomenon is called nyctinasty. Plant movements are controlled by a flux of water pressure in the pulvini - nodes at the base of the leaves. Scientists theorize that these movements are meant to follow the sun and catch as much light as possible –– an essential trait for a forest-floor-dwelling plant!
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