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The Best Gifts for Every Person in Your Life

No matter what the occasion might be, we have a plant for every person in your life and on your list.

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Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, or just a simple gift to say you care, there’s no better present than a brand new plant.

We’ve rounded up our favorite plants for everyone on your list, from your parents to your best friend:

1. Your Mom

If your mom is a big decorator and loves getting your home ready to guests over, the Pink Anthurium is for her. Whether she places it on the family mantle or creates a centerpiece for your dining room table, she’ll love the fresh feel and long-lasting blooms.

Shop the Pink Anthurium ($68+ at

2. Your Dad

Sometimes, fathers can be hard to buy for (especially if he’s the kind of guy that already has everything!). Don’t worry: our low-light favorite Snake Plant Laurentii or bright-light loving Monstera Deliciosa are two great picks that will keep him happy.

Shop the Snake Plant Laurentii ($43+ at and the Monstera Deliciosa ($67+ at

3. Your Grandmother

If your grandmother is an old school cool kind of woman, get her a White Orchid. It will immediately help her to remember the good old days while making new memories.

Shop the White Orchid ($98+ at

4. Your Grandfather

We love a grandfather who loves his favorite chair and spot in the living room. Give him some extra company with our The Living Room Duo, featuring our leafy Green Philodendron and Snake Plant.

Shop the Living Room Duo ($110+ at

5. Your Significant Other

If you want a gift for your loved one that will remind them of you, consider the Hoya Heart. This heart-shaped plant will make every day feel like Valentine’s Day.

Shop the Hoya Heart ($20+ at

6. Your Best Friend

Does your best friend need a little plant love? Consider the Plant Parent Set for a thoughtful way to fill their home with plants.

Shop the Plant Parent Set ($60+ at

7. Your Youngest Family Member

If your youngest sibling, cousin, niece or nephew needs a little something to get their plant journey started, consider a Hamama Grow Kit. It will let them get their hands dirty while getting started on caring for plants (and microgreens are a cool place to start).

Shop the Hamama Smoothie Grow Kit ($49+ at

8. Your Sister

Looking for something creative and cute for your sister? Consider getting her a trailing plant like our Marble Queen Pothos paired with Yerbamala’s Macramé Plant Hanger for a stylish way to add plants to her favorite space.

Shop the Yerbamala Macramé Plant Hanger ($60+ at

9. Your Brother

If your brother likes a strong cup of joe, help his mornings start off right with the Coffee Plant. This low-maintenance plant pick is perfect for adding a little spice to his space.

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