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The Revive Bundle

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The Revive Bundle



Plant ProBiotics + Natural Pest Control for houseplants

Treat (and prevent) houseplant pests with this peppermint-based Pest Control formula crafted to be tough on pests but safe for people, plants and pets. The ProBiotics cultivate healthy, living soils with a specially crafted blend of 19 beneficial microbes including mycorrhizal fungi. The bubbling action of these tablets make them an easy, fun and climate-friendly way to treat your plants!

  • Bundle contains 1 pouch each of Instant Plant Support and Instant Plant Protection
  • Each pouch contains 0.48 oz (4 tablets) 
  • Fights against powdery mildew and repels plant pests including aphids, ants, mites, mealybugs, gnats, scale and more!
  • Each tablet can feed a large houseplant or several small ones.
  • Tablets are certified carbon neutral, vegan & cruelty free. 
  • Perfect for potted plants and self-watering containers.
  • Made in the USA

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