Moonglow Juniper Tree

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Moonglow Juniper Tree


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Moonglow Juniper: A Luminous Landscape Marvel

Grace your garden with the silvery splendor of the Moonglow Juniper. Known for its vibrant, moonlit foliage, this tree brings a serene and mystical aura to any outdoor space.

Why You'll Love It

  • Dazzling Silvery-Blue Needles: The Moonglow Juniper features dense, shimmering silvery-blue needles that catch the light, creating a luminous display that adds a magical touch to your landscape.
  • Robust and Hardy: Extremely tolerant of cold climates and adaptable to a variety of soil conditions, this juniper is a steadfast guardian for your garden, ensuring year-round presence and protection.
  • Ideal for Screening: With a height reaching up to 15-20 feet and a width of 6-8 feet, it’s perfect for creating privacy screens or majestic hedges that require minimal maintenance but offer maximum impact.
  • Wildlife Haven: Its thick foliage provides excellent shelter and nesting sites for birds, enhancing the biodiversity of your garden environment.

Where to Plant

Thriving in full sun, the Moonglow Juniper is best positioned in a spot where it can bask in the glory of unfiltered daylight. It's equally at home in open yards, as a standalone feature, or lining pathways, where its silvery glow can be fully appreciated.

Due to its upright growth and moderate footprint, it also serves as an excellent choice for framing entryways or patios, offering both privacy and aesthetic appeal. For those with limited space, it can be planted in large containers to adorn decks or large terraces.

Invite the Moonglow Juniper into your garden and let its tranquil beauty transform your outdoor spaces into a haven of peace and allure.

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Moonglow Juniper Tree

Moonglow Juniper Tree

Botanical name: Juniperus scopulorum 'Moonglow'
Mature Height:
15-20 ft.
Mature Width:
4-6 ft.
Full Sun
Growth Rate:
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