Coffee Plant

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You might be surprised to know the same plant that grows your morning coffee beans is a popular, low maintenance houseplant! Although it’s unlikely this plant will produce berries inside, its attractive shiny green foliage will liven up any interior space. It comes with our Grant terracotta planter, ready to enjoy and watch grow.

Arrives in a nursery grow pot nestled inside our ceramic planter.

Plant Care

Sun icon

Bright indirect light

Water drops icon

Water every 1–2 weeks

Plant Bio

Although it’s unlikely the Coffee Plant will produce the berries that contain coffee beans even in the best conditions, this plant is still a hardy and attractive plant to add to your collection. Native to the tropical regions of southern Africa and Asia, the Coffee Plant does best in dappled sunlight and high humidity. You can prune this plant occasionally to help it keep its compact shape.

Origin of Coffee Plant

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