Home Is Where the Plants Grow

Indoor plants to help decorate every room in your home.

Plants for Your Living Room

Evergreen in style and bountiful in wellness benefits, plants are the modern day workhorse for maximizing a living space. Anchor your minimalist living room with a massive Monstera or fill your eccentric study with potted succulents. No matter your style, treat green as a neutral and layer your plants without inhibition.

Plants for Your Office

Scientifically proven to boost creativity, visually proven to boost style creds. Whether you’re in the market for a small desk plant or something more substantial with low-key upkeep (pro tip: Snake Plants tend to fit that bill), potted plants of all kinds make for the best deskmates and add intrigue to your already impressive collection of office l’objets.

Plants for Your Bedroom

Elevate your most sacred space and atmosphere with air purifying plants for the bedroom. Beyond being natural humidifiers, plants evoke a state of tranquility and introduce that dose of green found in any thoughtfully designed bedroom. And unlike other decisions, you’ll never regret waking up next to them.

Plants for Your Kitchen

For a truly al fresco experience, consider plants for the kitchen. From sprawling spartan eateries to pint-sized kitchenettes, adding some vegetation to the heart of the home is a universally sage and stylish idea. Try a leafy Pothos on that far to reach shelf or line your backsplash with pots of succulents, which is especially handy in the kitchen. Just as cooking is synonymous with joy, so are plants.

Plants for Your Bathroom

When it comes to plants, we believe no room should be left behind. If your bathroom is challenged in the natural light department, as so many are, consider going faux. The Sill’s collection of faux and preserved plants are as delightful as the real deal, requiring zero maintenance.

In the Press

We just can’t get enough of The Sill’s trendy aesthetic. The startup’s highly Instagrammable brick-and-mortar store on the Lower East Side offers an Instagram-worthy curation of succulents, ferns, and aloe vera, and the website is equally packed with leafy goodness. Another major feature we keep coming back for? The site has a wide selection of cute planters in a variety of colors.

The Sill is perhaps one of our favorite online destinations for houseplants, and not just because of its easy-to-use interface and common-sense suggestions. You can choose plants based on criteria like “Low Light” and even “Pet Friendly.”

You’ve likely read a few articles on millennials catching onto the power of plants—they boost moods and make even the tiniest of first apartments feel more like home. When it comes to care tips and courtesies (The Sill’s easy ordering process remains a go-to for our gifting needs and styling sessions), their nimble, knowledgeable crew gives fans the green thumbs they’ve always wished for.