The Sill was founded on this simple premise—plants make us happier, healthier humans.

I started The Sill in 2012 at the age of 26 in borrowed office space in a tiny walk-up in New York City’s Chinatown. The idea had sprouted years before (sorry, we love a good plant pun around here) when I found myself in my first adult apartment. Bleak is how you’d describe it. Homesick is how you’d describe me. My Mom, an immigrant who stayed connected to her Filipino roots through gardening, recommended I get some houseplants. Little did I know tapping into my family’s generational love of plants would grow into the small but mighty company that is The Sill.

I instantly became passionate about plants, and keenly aware of the impact being around plants had on me growing up. There’s something in the simple act of being around and caring for plants that improves our mood, and, added bonus, beautifies the spaces we live and work in. It’s been shown every exposure to nature—from indoor gardening to forest bathing—mitigates the modern condition, that stressed-out state we find ourselves in all too often. That (plus a lot of dirt, sweat, and hustle) is how The Sill came to be.

So I invite you to join me—whether you’ve never had a plant before or are adding to a budding collection—in cultivating a space, and a life, with plants. I know firsthand how wonderful it can be.

Keep growing,
– Eliza & The Sill team