Plant Parenthood: Jerrilyn and Jonathan

In this edition of Plant Parenthood, we hear from LA-based plant couple Jerrilyn and Jonathan, known on Instagram as @TheRealPlantLadyP and @PlantManP.

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When did your Plant Parenthood journey begin, and what is your plant personality?

Jerrilyn: My Plant Parenthood journey began in 2017. My plant personality is outgoing... I don't discriminate, I love them all!

Jonathan: My Plant Parenthood journey began in 2017. My plant personality is a Pothos. Easy going, low maintenance, fast grower.

What is the top plant on your wishlist?

Jerrilyn: My top plant on my wishlist is another Alocasia.

Jonathan: My top wishlist plant is a Philodendron Florida Beauty/Florida Ghost.

What's your favorite part about having a partner who is just as into plants as you are?

Jerrilyn: My favorite part is that I can talk to them whenever I want and not sound dumb or annoying.

Jonathan: My favorite part is that it's always time to plant shop!

What's your favorite Sunday activity?

Jerrilyn: My favorite activity to do on Sundays is plant care... because plant care is self care!

Jonathan: My favorite activity to do together on Sundays is getting a fresh cup of coffee and hitting The Sill?

What's your favorite plant and pot combo at The Sill?

Jerrilyn: The Hyde planter with a Fiddle Leaf Fig.

Jonathan: The High Line planter with a Philodendron or cactus.

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