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New Digs: Moving Plants Small & Tall Short & Long Distances

Moving to a new home or apartment? Instead of painful, the process should be precious, especially if you are packing up a few plants. Keep these tips handy for a happy transition to new digs.

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Moving Small Plants

If you are moving small plants, you’ll want to avoid tipping them over and breaking their ceramic pots. Try wrapping the pot only, leaving the plant unwrapped. No time to wrap? Nestle the pots close to together. Place plants in one box and leave the lid open, so you’ll know where your plants are at all times. Pack them last and place them on top of other boxes as they are the most fragile thing. Better yet, keep them in the front seat and depending on the season, give your plants some cooling A/C or some warming heat. If you’d rather get your small plants delivered to your new address, make sure you pack them properly in a box padded with newspaper. If the tops of your plants are delicate, pad them with shredded newspaper or tissue paper. Label the “up” side of the box and indicate that the contents is fragile, that way your delivery person handles with care. Mailing is a great option for small stronger plants like a snake plant, but not so great for delicate orchids. Hanging plants are easiest to move as you can most likely hang them up in the front seat. For longer distances, it is possible to ship them, but the risk of damage can be high.

Moving Large Plants

When moving large plants, you’ll want to take similar steps as you would with small plants. Try taping cardboard over the soil so that it does not spill over during the move. Taller plants can end up tilted or slightly uprooted, meaning, you’ll want to replant them once they're settled in their new space. Wrap your pots in newspaper to avoid scratches. If you are transporting large plants that do not fit up front, be sure no other boxes can accidentally slide and crush your plants on the drive over. Try binding sprawling parts together with twine to keep them compact for transit.

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