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How To Bring the Biggest Spring Home Decor Trend Into Your Home

Spring means taking fresh interior trends to the next level, especially when it comes to freshening up your space. Here’s how we're helping to bring the outdoors inside while helping you to keep your own sense of style.

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It’s no surprise that plants have found their way into the interior design world, especially as DIY design tips become more and more popular. This year, one of the biggest plant trends is bringing home a stylish planter. Our Art Director, Caroline, always looks to design planters that she wouldn't mind adding to her own space, or seeing in someone else’s. Here are her top design tips to keep in mind when finding your plant's new home:

Choose Your Color Palette

In her own words, Caroline says, “Our collection of planters have something for everyone and every home. Neutrals and pops of colors together, to mix and match depending on taste.” If you’re a minimalist, our cream or pale grey planters might speak to you. Looking for something more bold to add a pop on your sill? Opt for our mint. Ready to embrace millennial pink? Say hello to blush.

Include Geometric Shapes

Even when you’re looking to maintain a cohesive vibe around your home, you can’t go wrong with a standout piece or two. Caroline recommends opting for a planter like our Olmstead to switch things up: “The geometric shape makes a nice contrast to the organic lines of the plants.”

Stay Consistent

Whether you’re sticking with one color or shape through and through or getting your maximalist on with lots of variety, stick to one way to maintain your intended style. “Go all light, or mix light and dark. Repeat one shape, or mix curves and straights,” Caroline suggests. If you’re feeling funky, our Dolores planter is a must-have. Mid-century modern's more your style? Hello, High Line planter. Whichever you pick, stick with it.

Put Your Plant First

Although you might be dedicated and in love with a particular pot or planter, it’s better to keep your plant in mind, first. Your opinion on a particular planter choice might change depending on which plant you’re finding a home for: “These silhouettes have a timeless quality: clean shapes that let the plant be the hero.”

Add Dimension to Your Shelf

Simply put, “Group different shape and sizes together.” Perfect any plant shelfie with planters of different sizes to tie the entire room together. Make this easy tip even easier with our Grant Planter Trio.

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