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10 Things I’m Thankful for in 2022

2022 marked The Sill’s 10th anniversary. As I reflect on our 10 years in business this Thanksgiving, it’s my pleasure to share the 10 things I’m most grateful for… - Eliza, founder & CEO

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1. Founder Moms
I celebrated year 10 while welcoming my second daughter. Being Mom to two children while running a company is about as easy as it sounds. Luckily, CEO-Moms Sarah Lafleur (MM Lafleur), Karen Young (Oui the People), Elizabeth Rees (Chasing Paper), Tze Chung (Uprise Art), and Trinity Mouzon Wolfford (Golde) were always just an encouraging text message away.

2. Forgiving Plants
To say that 2022 was a busy year is the understatement of the year. I am thankful for my plant collection and its uncanny ability to thrive under my recently neglectful care. Special shout out to my ZZ plant, Snake plant, Peperomia, blooming Anthurium, and to my new collection of beautiful Faux stems.

3. Mentors
The Sill’s Board Member Lara Lee has over 30 years of experience pioneering new territory, dealing with disruption and leading transformation for Harley-Davidson, Lowe’s and other iconic global brands. I am so grateful to have her as a role model, a thought partner, and brand evangelist.

4. Science!
In these times it feels especially important to call attention to the importance of and trust in the scientific community (yay science!). Plant science helps us to better understand and care for our plants and brings us cool new plant cultivars. As a Mom, I am compelled to teach my daughters a strong STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) foundation.

5. Norfolk Island Pine & Evergreen Wreath
With the weather in the northeast and beyond continuing to surprise us with temps as warm as 70 (in November!), I am loving the launch of our Norfolk Island Pine and Evergreen Wreath in this Limited Edition Holiday Duo Deluxe to get me (and my home) in the holiday spirit.

6. The Plant Community
I’ve never been so proud to belong to this wonderful and diverse community of plant professionals. Watching everyone’s careers grow has been inspiring, motivating, and just really special. Congratulations to Maria Failla on her recent book, Nick Cutsompas aka Farmer Nick on his recent show, Maryah Greene of Greene Piece on her growing business and roster of partnerships, and Robert Jeffery aka Planter Rob on his admirable strides in affordable housing advocacy.

7. Time in Nature
Call it forest bathing or a walk in the woods - having time in the great outdoors has been nothing short of healing this year. Yes, we talk a lot about how Plants Make People Happy at The Sill, but truly it doesn’t begin to capture the power of plants and the natural world around us. Being in nature is where I feel the most calm, creative and alive.

8. The Sill Shops
It’s only fitting that in our 10th year we opened our 10th door - this one in Bethesda, MD. One of our long-time customers showed up for the ribbon cutting ceremony, purchased a few plants, and then came back with a pizza for the team to recognize how hard everyone was working. Only in our storefronts can we experience these magical moments with our customers.

9. Family
My family - I am forever grateful to my supportive family: my parents and brother, my husband and kids, and my extended family on both sides that make life fun and fulfilling.

10. The Sill Team Past & Present
And last but not least, after 10 years, The Sill is saying goodbye to our beloved Erin Marino - employee #1. Erin has worn ALL of the hats here: overseeing rebrands, web launches, photo shoots, events, 10 store openings (she was technically our first shop keeper, too) and helped hand select plants in the early days. She has worked for The Sill in offices spanning Chinatown, Jersey City, and Maplewood, NJ, and finally from home. Every major milestone of the company has had Erin to thank. So thank you, Erin - we are forever grateful.

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