Common Plant Care Questions

Questions? We have answers.


How do I choose a plant?

I’m a new plant owner. What should I do first?

How do I know if my plant is happy in its new home?

Why do I need a plant?

Potting & Fertilizing

When should I repot my plant?

How often should I change my plant’s potting mix?

How do I decided between repotting or fertilizing?

How do I fertilize my plant?

Artificial Light

Can my plant thrive in artificial light?

Leaf Color & Shape

What do yellow leaves mean?

What do dusty, chalky leaves mean?

What causes brown or black crispy leaves?

What causes abnormal leaf spots?

What causes leaves to become pale?

What is variegation?

Why do leaves drop?

Plant Posture

Why is my plant leaning?

Why is my plant wilting and drooping?

Will my plant’s leaves regenerate?

Stranger Things

What’s that smell?

What’s that white crust or mold?

What’s up with these mushrooms?

My flowers are falling off — is my plant dying?

Why are there gnats flying around my plants?

Help! Can I save my plant?