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Bright Light

The Jade is paired with our Ezra Planter, a ceramic pot measuring 2" tall and 2.5" wide. Your plant height may vary slightly. It comes potted in our potting mix to increase plant health, longevity, and growth. The Ezra features a drainage hole and saucer. It is named after Ezra Cornell (1807–1874), co-founder of Cornell — New York's land grant university.

Planter Size

Mini: 2" H x 2.5" WSize Guide

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The Sill Plant Promise

We guarantee our plants up to a year from purchase date.

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Plant Care

  • Brightness Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • Bright
    • Prefers bright indirect light to full sun.
  • Sun Exposure Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • Direct
    • Full sun ideal. Can tolerate bright indirect.
  • Water Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • About every 2-3 weeks in full sun
    • When soil is completely dry and leaves start to wrinkle.
  • Humidity Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • Normal to Dry
    • Think of a desert.
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Plant Origins

Southern Africa

Plant Bio

Crassula ovata is known by many names, including: Jade Plant, Friendship Plant, Money Plant, and many more. This plant is actually an early dicot flowering plant, and belongs to the stonecrop family, Crassulaceae. Like other stone crops such as Echeveria, Sedum, and Cotyledon, these plants can be propagated from virtually any part of the plant, including the leaves, stems, and seeds! In some species, they will even produce roots on branches in anticipation of a strong wind blowing that part of the plant off. With roots already grown, the broken piece tumbles along until it re-roots, growing into a new plant. These plants are so prolific that they are often considered to be weedy pests in greenhouses.

AKA 'Money Plant.' Yes please!

Our plants in the wild

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