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Arrowhead Plant

in august Planter

Low to Medium Light

The Arrowhead Plant is paired with our August Planter, a ceramic pot measuring 4.5" tall and 5" wide. Your plant height and coloration may vary slightly. It comes potted in our potting mix to increase plant health, longevity, and growth. The August features drainage holes and saucer. It is named after Augusto Weberbauer (1871–1948), a German botanist that began his career studying Peruvian seagrass.

Planter Size

Small: 4.5 H in. x 5 W in.Size Guide

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Plant Care

  • BRIGHTNESS Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • Low to Medium
    • Low light to dappled sun. Thrives in moderate light.
  • SUN EXPOSURE Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • Indirect
    • Indirect light to dappled sun. Not suited for intense, direct sun.
  • WATER Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • Weekly
    • Water every 1 to 2 weeks. Allow potting mix to dry out completely between waterings.
  • HUMIDITY Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • Normal to High
    • Can benefit from higher humidity levels, especially during dry winter months.
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Plant Origins

Tropical Central America

Plant Bio

The Arrowhead Plant is a species of aroid. Native to Latin America, it has since been naturalized in parts of the southern United States including Texas and Florida. Commonly cultivated as a houseplant, you will see various degrees of variegation on this species’ leaves. Generally speaking – darker, less variegated leaves can tolerate lower light levels, while lighter leaves with more variegation need more natural light. Keep in a spot that receives moderate indirect light to dappled sun, and water when potting mix is dry.

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