Plantfluencer Meagan Rosson

In this edition of Plantfluencer Stories – we hear from Brooklyn based plant mom and proud cat lady (and dog lady), Meagan Rosson.

Plantfluencer Meagan Rosson

Words by The Sill

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In this edition of Plantfluencer Stories – we hear from Brooklyn based plant mom and proud cat lady (and dog lady), Meagan Rosson.
Meagan, how did you get into plants?

I grew up around a lot of plants. I guess a green thumb may run in my family. My mom always had indoor plants. My friends and I counted how many indoor plants my mom had when I was in high school and got to 425 plants in our house. And I remember her always dragging me to the nursery on Saturdays to see what new plants they had in. My grandma was also always into gardening and had the most beautiful backyard. As a very young girl, I would run around the back yard going through all her beautiful flowers. And of course, my aunts uncles, and cousins all love plants as well. I actually didn’t get into plants or gardening until just a few years ago. I guess I kind of forgot about them as a hobby once I left home for college. Then one day here in Brooklyn, I happened upon a plant store and a switch flipped inside me. I went from 0 to 100 real fast. If you’ve seen my instagram bio, it says “goes to one plant class, starts blog” and that’s no exaggeration. Plants and gardening have become such an important part of my life. My mom and I will even FaceTime and take each other through our entire gardens telling each other what’s going on with each of our plants, it’s hilarious.

Tell us about your Instagram feed:

I started my Instagram feed (@plant_lady_is_the_new_cat_lady) as a way to document my journey with plants living with 2 cats who turned out to be more interested in plants than me ( and not in a good way ;) ). Fun fact about my insta - my boyfriend does all the photography for the account! What a guy!

What's your favorite plant?

It’s so difficult to choose and it changes all the time! I have 2 cats and a dog in my NYC apartment, so if I had to choose, I would probably choose any calathea or peperomia since they’re safe for my little fur babies.

Do you have a ‘green thumb’?

I’m learning so much about plants and about gardening everyday. And the more I learn, I realize I am “developing” a green thumb.

P.S. Follow Meagan's plant parenthood journey, along with her adorable fur babies, on her Instagram.

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