The Best Plant Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Words by The Sill

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A plant related to your zodiac sign is said to bring good fortune and luck into your life. Follow on to find your plant counterpart based on your personality.

If you’re into astrology, you know that each zodiac sign has a very distinct personality and set of expectations and needs. So, wouldn’t each sign have a very different desire when it comes to their houseplants? 

Read on for our plant picks to go along with your zodiac sign and personality traits.

1. Aries: Petite Purple Orchid

Vibrant Aries is a fascinating fire sign, and your bold personality matches the Petite Purple Orchid’s to a tee. While you’re independent, you love providing for those who rely on you—and as a proud plant parent, you won’t mind fussing over this one! Any Orchid is a great pair for a caretaker personality like Aries. 

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2. Leo: Monstera Deliciosa

Head-turning Leos attract the spotlight wherever they go. Like the Monstera Deliciosa, your presence fills a room and is impossible to ignore. Leos also love bright light, too, whether it’s from your ruling star, the Sun, or a stadium filled with adoring fans.

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3. Sagittarius: Coffee Plant

Hyperkinetic Sagittarians rarely run out of energy, and they don’t need a lot of attention to grow and expand. This low-maintenance, high-velocity sign runs on “natural caffeine” and, like the Coffee Plant, adds natural vibrance to every space and scene!

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4. Taurus: Silver Satin

Hardy, self-assured Tauruses know who they are and what they like and never apologize for it. Silver Satin is a beautiful plant with that go-with-the-flow attitude, trailing and climbing wherever it’s comfortable like the self-sufficient Taurus.

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5. Virgo: Echeveria 

Self-contained with a hermit side, Virgos don’t mind spending time by themselves. In fact, they may prefer it! This regimented sign loves a plan and to have everything in its place. Virgos will happily parent a plant that follows a schedule and tends to be fastidious just like them, just like the Echeveria. The Echeveria likes to stick to a routine, having things be a certain way, otherwise discomfort is inevitable. 

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6. Capricorn: Marimo Moss Ball 

The most resilient of the signs, Capricorns are built to last—in fact, they thrive on surviving under minimalist conditions. The less you fuss over them, the better, just like the Marimo Moss Ball

Shop the Marimo Moss Ball ($5+ at

7. Gemini: Marble Pothos

Versatile Gemini has many sides and colors, just like the variegated leaves of the Marble Queen Pothos. There’s no set pattern they’ll follow, no single reason to their rhyme, and that’s what makes both Gemini and this plant unique! Like the Marble Pothos, Geminis love to stay busy—and it takes just the right conditions to get them to settle down.

Shop the Marble Queen Pothos ($40+ at

8. Libra: Bird’s Nest Fern

Libra is ruled by aesthetic and empathic Venus—and the delicate, lovely Bird’s Nest Fern also exudes a rare beauty. Just like this plant, Libras don’t apologize for being high maintenance. After all, you get to bask in their beauty and love—a fair exchange for your extra efforts, right?

Shop the Bird’s Nest Fern ($43+ at

9. Aquarius: Pilea Peperomioides 

The Aquarius is a peppy presence in any group, just like the Pilea Peperomiodes. As the sign of the future, Aquarians don’t like to get dragged into drama. They’d rather envision a bright tomorrow and spread happiness, just like this plant.

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10. Cancer: Ficus Tineke

Cancer is ruled by the moon, and like the lunar phases, this sign’s moods can fluctuate. The Ficus Tineke also ebbs and flows, and just like this zodiac sign, and loves some attention that will help it to continue to grow strong.

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11. Scorpio: Philodendron Green

Transformational Scorpio attracts attention without trying. After all, they have a secretive side to them and don’t necessarily want to be noticed. But their magnetic energy turns heads nonetheless, something they have strongly in common with the Philodendron Green.

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12. Pisces: ZZ Plant

Pisces are natural nurturers, but this daydreamy sign can slip into their imagination, losing track of things like time, space and watering schedules. For the caring water sign that doesn’t always thrive in the mundane, the ZZ Plant will keep on growing and going, adapting to fluctuating conditions just like the zodiac’s Fish.

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