The Perfect Desert Plant for Your Home

From flawlessly introducing a trendy plant to tackling windowless room woes, our plant specialist Chrissy will set you up with the perfect plant pick.

Words by The Sill

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From flawlessly introducing a trendy plant to tackling windowless room woes, our plant specialist Chrissy will set you up with the perfect plant pick.

“I love that Joshua Tree style and want a desert look in my home. Do you have any low maintenance options?” Rachel, Los Angeles

Hi Rachel! If you’re looking for ways to work some desert vibes into your interior, a collection of succulents will undoubtedly give your home that sought after boost in style.

Don’t stop at just one small update though. Bring in the complete set to really achieve those swoon-worthy Joshua Tree stylings that you’ve been wanting to tackle. Our succulent assortment is an easy way to start introducing some desert-dwelling goodness into your abode

From revamping your window sills to giving your coffee table a totally cool upgrade, these stylish succulents are the perfect statements that will help to transform your home in the best of ways.

With only a need for bright sunshine and little water, these plants won’t give you any headaches on your journey to nailing that inspiration board of yours. Questions about these low maintenance must-haves? Our succulents 101 guide will give you all of the answers.

Plus this month you can score a bag of our organic cacti mix totally for free when you order the succulent assortment. Once the succulents are in your bag, go ahead and add the cacti mix, too. Don't forget to use the code FREECACTIMIX before you finish the purchase!

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