The Best Pet-Friendly Plant for Your Home

From flawlessly introducing a trendy plant to tackling windowless room woes, our plant specialist Chrissy will set you up with the perfect plant pick.

“I’m a cat lady that loves plants. What kind of plant can I have in my house that's safe for my cats to be around?” —Stephanie, Brooklyn

We’re cat-lovers over here at The Sill, so we understand your concerns when it comes to making sure your curious companion isn’t munching away on something that is potentially harmful to them.  

While there is a great selection of houseplants that are pet-friendly, it’s the Calathea Rattlesnake that has us swooning this season. Its given name may not make it seem like the most approachable set of leaves, but rest assured that if your pet happens to take a bite, they’ll be a-ok.  

Find a spot where this potted prayer plant (their leaves raise and lower from day to night!) can be kept in medium indirect light and get a drink about once every one to two weeks.

This ASPCA-approved plant will be a much appreciated addition to your home for both you and your four-legged friend. Learn more about plant toxicity here

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