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The Best Office Plant

From flawlessly introducing a trendy plant to tackling windowless room woes—plant enthusiast and customer happiness team lead Chrissy will set you up with the perfect plant pick.

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“My sister just got a new job and I want to say congrats! What should I send her to spruce up her desk?” —Alyssa, Chicago

What a thoughtful sister you are! Having positive vibes at work is crucial, and a new plant sent from a loved one with warm wishes will do just the trick.

Help your sis achieve the ultimate setup at her new job by introducing the best office plant that won’t require much of her attention while she’s busy working away. The Snake Plant is a popular choice because of its not too picky lighting preferences and ultra relaxed watering needs.

If you’re looking for a larger option to really wow the recipient, go for a large version to sit next to her desk. Thanks to its upright leaves, this office fav will help block any unsightly cords or distracting views. An added benefit? This vertical statement has great air purifying benefits to help out with long hours spent sitting behind the computer screen!

The Snake Plant is low light tolerant—but if your sister’s office space is windowless, opt for a Faux Snake Plant instead.

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