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Air Plant Trio in Andes Stands

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Three assorted air plants are paired with our Andes, wooden cube air plant stands – the larger cube measuring 2" tall and 2" wide, and the smaller cube measuring 1.5" tall and 1.5" wide. Attached to the poplar cube bases are malleable coated aluminum wire holders to wrap around your air plants. Andes is named after South America’s Andes mountain range, were many varieties of tillandsia are found.

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Plant Care

  • Brightness Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • Bright
    • Bright indirect light to full sun.
  • Sun Exposure Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • Direct to Indirect
    • Indirect to full sun.
  • Water Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • Weekly
    • Mist daily, and soak once a week for about 15 minutes in warm water.
  • Humidity Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • Normal to High
    • Normal to higher humidity. Mist daily.
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Plant Origins

Tropical Americas

Plant Bio

Tillandsia is a genus of neotropical epiphytic plants belonging to the bromeliad family, Bromeliaceae. All Tillandsia are referred to as air plants due to their ability to grow without any soil. In their native environment, they can be found growing on top of tree branches, cliffs, and even telephone wires! They have evolved to pull in water from the frequent rainshowers through their fuzzy trichomes. To collect nutrients, they have not only specialized their trichomes to catch dust, but have also made root associations with fungi to help collect nutrients from their surroundings.

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Our plants in the wild

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