Plant Care Is Self Care

Surround yourself with plants you can grow with.

Plants with Benefits

Plants can instantly beautify a space, but did you know they can also contribute to your wellbeing? The presence of plants can boost your mood and reduce your stress levels – bringing tranquility to your space – while also producing oxygen and filtering the air you breathe. A writer from The New York Times recently reflected on plant care as a form of self care, and we couldn’t agree more: “The mornings when I took care of my plants became the most manicured aspect of my life. I spritzed, watered and pruned them; I murmured encouragement to unfurling new leaves.”

It’s true when we say Plants Make People Happy. The Sill makes it easy for you to find the perfect plant and begin your journey to plant parenthood. Our mission is to make the experience of shopping for plants as wonderful as the plants themselves.

From Our Founder

Our founder Eliza Blank likes to say, “checking in on my plants is like a good look at the mirror – if your plants are suffering, it could be symptomatic of something else going on in your life.” Plants truly create time and space to nurture yourself. And if you’re not making time for your plants, you’re probably not making time for yourself. Hot tip: it’s impossible to care for your plants well without two free hands – that means put your phone down!

“I love bringing nature indoors. Plants instantly elevate any living space and brighten your mood.”

Anita Yokota, Interior Designer