Our 6 Most Popular Houseplants for Fall

If you’re looking to add some new plants to your home just in time for cozy season, we’ve got you covered with our top six houseplants for fall.

Our 6 Most Popular Houseplants for Fall

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If you’re looking to add some new plants to your home just in time for cozy season, we’ve got you covered with our top six houseplants for fall.

Autumn leaves will soon be falling, and we’re ready to embrace sweater weather and cozy up at home. Whether you’re a budding plant parent or just looking to bring the warmth and welcome of fall to your space, you’re in luck.

We rounded up six plant options that are fall-friendly, especially if your home is seeing less light these days.

1. Brighten Up Your Room with the Marble Queen Pothos

golden pothosIf you want an easy-to-care-for plant that grows quickly, the Marble Queen Pothos is for you. It can thrive in medium to low indirect light, and you’ll see lots of continuous growth from season to season.

2. Add a Snake Plant for Even Your Darkest Corner 

snake plant laurentiiIf you have a room with low light, it will be no match for the low-light tolerant Snake Plant Laurentii. This Snake Plant can be placed in a spot that receives anything from bright indirect light all the way to low light, so consider it the most versatile plant pick you can add to your home.

3. Pick a Bird’s Nest Fern for a Happy Pet

bird's nest fernIf you have a pet at home, the Bird's Nest Fern is a great, pet-friendly option that will keep you and your furry friends happy. Place it in any bright indirect to low light spot in your home for a happy fern. fern.

4. Get Moving with the Calathea Rattlesnake 

calathea rattlesnakeIf you need inspiration to get up and get moving (even when you want to sleep in), we recommend our Calathea Rattlesnake. As a prayer plant, this Calathea raises and lowers its leaves from day to night as part of its circadian rhythm, so place it in any bright indirect to low light spot (maybe your nightstand) as a reminder to go with the flow.

5. Hang Around with the Philodendron Green

philodendron greenIf you want to use more of your vertical space this fall, consider the Philodendron Green. Its training veins filled with heart-shaped leaves will make any space feel even cozier.

6. Complete Your Sill with the Pilea Peperomioides

pilea peperomoioidesIf you’re in need of a fall-friendly plant for your windowsill and already have every succulent under the sun, diversify your plant collection with the Pilea Peperomioides. Add it to bright indirect to indirect light and watch it thrive.

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